This Could Be Big hits the road: SXSW

Bill Weir, David Miller, Justin Bare & Mark Monroy
This Could Be Big
This Could Be Big hits the road: SXSW

South by Southwest, the annual intersection of all things creative, met this week in Austin, Texas for a taste of what’s new in music, film, art, and for our purposes, tech and innovation.

Here, the tools that may shape the future of our digital lives are put on display by developers who convene each year to share ideas and reveal their latest technological creations.

With the Texas backdrop of smoked meat, live music on 6th street and eccentric characters looking for a good time, we set out to find out what would be big.

With the legend of Twitter, which was announced here in 2006, looming large, we canvassed SXSW looking for the coolest and wackiest technological innovations.