Back to the Future? The All-Electric DeLorean

Bill Weir & C. Michael Kim
This Could Be Big

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown's time-hopping DeLorean ran on garbage and plutonium stolen from Libyan nationalists (turns out they did just fine without it). While we're still waiting for the time travel option, DeLorean Motor Company has survived long enough to take one bold step toward an oil-free future. The new, retrofitted DeLorean will run on a lithium battery system created by Epic Electric Vehicles, the company that makes hybrid ATVs and wakeboard boats. But how does it handle? Is it worth between $90,000-100,000? And does it belong in the same class as Tesla or Fisker? I went to Houston to get the first look at this mash-up of modern tech and 80's nostalgia.