Quick-thinking bus driver saves passenger with CPR

Mike Krumboltz
The Upbeat

Bus handle (Thinkstock)
Bus handle (Thinkstock)

A bus driver in Sydney, Australia, kept his cool and helped save a passenger's life.

Amar Wahid was driving his city bus when a woman collapsed into the aisle. According to Australia's 9 News, Wahid, who had recently completed a first-aid course, pulled over and performed CPR on the woman until paramedics arrived. The incident was captured on the bus's security camera.

Wahid went to Australia from Iraq in 1999 and is now an Aussie citizen. He told 9 News that he didn't think his actions were that special.

"Other drivers, I'm sure if they know what they're doing they would have jumped and done the same thing to assist that person," he said to 9 News. "I mean, it's someone's mum and someone's wife."