106-year-old woman and 73-year-old man find love

Mike Krumboltz
The Upbeat

Hands make the symbol of a heart (Thinkstock)
Hands make the symbol of a heart (Thinkstock)

A 106-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man have found love in a nursing home, Australia's news.com.au reports.

Neither Marjorie Hemmerde nor her special fella Gavin Crawford expected to fall for anyone.

"We just sort of melted into each other," Hemmerde told news.com.au. "We get along like old friends, the age gap doesn't seem to matter."

Crawford said, "Marjorie is very outgoing and has good outlook in life." He also told news.com.au that she is "always very cheerful and appreciative and we laugh together all the time."

"I think we both have learned that life is far too short not to enjoy it," he continued.

Neither lovebird has ever married before, which raises the question of whether Hemmerde and Crawford might consider tying the knot. It would surely be the wedding of the year, but—alas—it appears it isn't going to happen.

"I'm too irresponsible," Hemmerde told news.com.au. "I quite like living in sin."