At StuntFest, cheerleaders vault in a way that would break your arms, spine, spirit

Jay Busbee

This is "StuntFest," an informal epilogue to the National Cheerleaders Association's championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. It's flat-out insane, beautiful people in better shape than any of the rest of us will ever be again throwing one another around like scraps of paper. We'd be interested in seeing the outtakes; surely this didn't all go quite so smoothly. But, hey, this is delightful, and we're going to go throw some kids around at the playground to match up.

And, yes, the music is original, via CheerSounds. There's now dubstep specifically designed for cheerleading routines. The Internet really does have something for everybody.

Is cheerleading a sport? Hey, if you think it's not, you give this stuff a try. Make sure you're all set up with your health insurance or Obamacare before you start, though.

[Via With Leather and Bob's Blitz]