Smokey Robinson asked to be Nicki Minaj’s ‘sugar daddy’ on American Idol


Smokey Robinson may be two decades older than Nicki Minaj but that's not stopping the "Va Va Voom" singer from flirting with him.

The 73-year-old Motown icon mentored the contestants on "American Idol" this week for Detroit Music Night, but it was Minaj who was really competing for his attention.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 30-year-old judge got all hot and bothered after contestant Lazaro Arbos sang "For Once in My Life." Minaj quickly praised the wannabe singer before moving on to admire Robinson, who was seated in the audience.

"I'm gonna ask Smokey if he'd like to be my sugar daddy," she cooed. "That's a sexy piece of specimen!"

Though rival judge Mariah Carey remained unmoved, Minaj managed to get a giggle out of Keith Urban. But we don't imagine Robinson's wife, Frances, who was reportedly in the audience as well, found it particularly funny. She and the "Cruisin" singer live in Los Angeles together after getting married in 2004.

Minaj appeared to be aware of Frances' presence considering she retweeted a message from a Twitter user by the name of @Duchessofpink, which said, "im still crying cuz you tried to bag Smokey with his wife sittin right there."

As for Minaj's significant other...well, we're not entirely sure she has one. Though TMZ reported she was hanging with a guy in January, the openly bisexual rapper does not often discuss her own relationships.

Now we know one things for sure, she likes older men.