Lady Gaga tops Halloween-costume list

Kwala Mandel
The Difference

Lady Gaga is known for her show-stopping outfits and a tendency to don a meat dress rather than red-carpet ruffles. This Halloween, she'll lose a little of her originality when people across the world create Gaga-esque homemade eggshell cases and teacup accessories.

Lady Gaga topped the 2011 ShopRunner list of celebrity Halloween costumes, followed by Kate Middleton (fascinators will suddenly have a U.S. market). Katy Perry took third on the list, no doubt thanks to her array of wild costumes and rainbow hair.

Charlie Sheen ranks fourth (T-shirts are undoubtedly being tagged with the word "Winning!" at this very moment). And Kim Kardashian rounds out the list, which requires a hefty faux ring to look authentic.

Lady Gaga could just as easily claim the top two spots, since there will probably be as many people dressed up like Jo Calderone, her male alter ego. Lady Gaga hits the stage again soon on Oct. 15, two weeks before Halloween, for those in need of more ideas. She'll perform, along with Usher, The Edge, and Bono, to support former president Bill Clinton's charitable works in the upcoming "A Decade of Difference" concert. You can watch it live, only on Yahoo!.