Chelsea Clinton opens up about parents, inspiration

Stacy Curtin
The Difference

Ahead of Former President Bill Clinton's "A Decade of Difference" concert, a Yahoo!-broadcasted event on October 15 to celebrate his 65th birthday and honor the 10th anniversary of the Clinton Foundation, Yahoo! spoke with his daughter, Chelsea, about her father's momentous achievements, as well as that one person in her life who inspires her most.

The backdrop for this exclusive interview was Brooklyn's PS 123 elementary school. Chelsea visited the school Friday to recognize its strident efforts to combat childhood obesity as part of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
The organization was founded in 2005 in coordination with the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, after her father's heart surgery sent him a "wake-up call," she says.

"After his heart surgery he became much more diligent about taking long walks and going to the gym and going on hikes with my mom and their dog…. Starting a couple years ago, he really made a commitment to and a concerted effort to eat healthier," Chelsea says. "I am profoundly grateful that my dad makes different choices now. Selfishly, now I hope he lives forever. I am sure every child feels that way."

Watch the video to find out who else Chelsea is blessed to still have in her life and who is her biggest inspiration.