New York City mayor proposes creating an internet wall of shame for bad drivers


By now, all of us know the pain of buying a technology that almost immediately became obsolete. That's precisely the position New York City finds itself in: After installing 40 red light cameras to help catch traffic violators, state legislators recently ruled that the city can't use them to issue fines to violators. So, in an attempt to make lemonade from its 40 digital lemons, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing the city use the cameras to create an internet wall of shame showing the names and photos of speeders.

Despite the fact that New York can't use the cameras to issue fines, there's no law that says the city can't use the cameras other ways. "We'll put up their names and pictures someplace, maybe we can shame them," the mayor said. "We should look at that."

This red light camera snafu is far from the only controversy Bloomberg has found himself in lately. Earlier this month, the mayor proposed banning the sale of larger sizes of sugary soft drinks, a move that was widely mocked by the national media.

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Capital New York via Autoblog

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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