Woman gets into an accident while texting on live TV

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Texting: It's so dangerous that the federal government wants to ban it while driving. But more than just dangerous, it's also incredibly embarrassing when you have an accident because you're doing it — or at least it was for the woman in the video above.

A Canadian news station was doing a live report in Ontario when a woman, paying too much attention to her phone and not enough attention to where she was going, took a tumble down a small flight of steps. The reporter doesn't seem to notice the girl falling, though plenty of passersby do.

The kind of embarrassment this poor woman suffered as a result of her error is probably enough to guarantee that it won't happen again. Still, those of us at Tecca recommend she download the Transparent Screen app for her phone ... you know, just in case.


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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