Weird new restaurant trend: Inhaled food

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If you're trying to lose weight, or simply conscious about what goes into your body, then you're probably aware that eating at a fancy restaurant can sabotage a well-planned diet. But at the Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar in Ottawa, Canada, you can get all the flavor you want free of charge and free of calories. The secret: Instead of serving you food as a solid or liquid, you're served a fat-free, carb-free gas that offers all the taste of your favorite foods.

Creating the no-cal treat requires the use of a device called "Le Whaf," a large glass cylinder with an ultrasound attached. Liquid-based foods such as soups are placed into the carafe. The ultrasound then agitates the mix, creating a vapor cloud that's filled with all the flavor of the soup, without any of the caloric or nutritional content. Customers say that the simple sensation of having their mouths flooded with flavor takes the edge off of hunger pangs and leads to them eating less.

Le Whaf, inspired by existing products that allow dieters to similarly inhale caffeine and chocolate, is being used as a novelty — the main event at Juniper is still the delicious (albeit calorie-filled) solid foods served up by the restaurant's kitchen. Still, the next time you have a hunger for steak, you may be able to order a side of beef vapor to go along with a more healthy main course.

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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