New website shows how safe you are from a nuclear disaster

Mike Wehner, Tecca

For most of us, it's easy to go about our daily routines with the assurance that the world's nuclear missiles are safely in the hands of responsible individuals. However, if a nuclear apocalypse were just around the corner, do you know just how safe your home would be? A new website — aptly named Would I Survive A Nuke? — offers a glimpse into that unsettling scenario, providing a personalized look at your survival chances.

Upon loading the site, you are prompted to input your location and select the type and number of nuclear devices you want mapped out. Operating on the assumption that any nuclear attack would target the largest cities first, the site lets you choose what size cities you think would be worth hitting, ranging from a population size of 100,000 to greater than 1 million. Once you've made all your grim decisions, your chances of survival are laid out in front of you.

If you're at ground zero, you have no chance of walking away, but the survival probability increases the further you are from highly-populated cities. However, even if you live nowhere near a probable impact zone, the site is quick to remind you that your quality of life will be greatly impacted anyway, due to the fact that neighboring cities are now in ruins. Of course, if you choose "dinosaur-ending meteor" from the list of bombs, you'll quickly see that nowhere is safe.

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