Walmart rumored to have cloud movie service up its sleeve


Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner, and Fox are rumored to be teaming up with Walmart to bring streaming video to the masses. They're scheduled to make the big announcement in Hollywood tomorrow, offering the full details on exactly how your favorite movies will soon be available for you to watch in the cloud for an added fee.

The way the service will work is likely to be simple, if tedious: You'll bring in your physical DVD to Walmart. They'll stamp the DVD to mark it as "already copied," and then give you access to that movie in the Walmart cloud. Standard-definition quality video will cost you $2; high-definition quality will cost you $4. You can then drive away from the store to go watch your movie at home, likely confused as to why you had to go all the way to Walmart in the first place.

The new service appears to have a few problems. The first of which is that you're paying to gain access to content you already paid a lot of money for, even if it is only another $2 or $4. Plus, the act of having to take a physical thing to the store to gain access to something that's not physical ... it just seems so technologically backward. After all, why can't we do this all from the comfort of our own home?


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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