Virgin Airlines giving away a free trip into space to its best customer

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Are you the type to save up frequent flyer miles? If so, Virgin Airlines may have something better to offer you than a free trip to visit your in-laws. Today, the company announced that the customer who accumulates the most miles between now and August 7, 2013 will be given a free suborbital space flight courtesy of the company's new Virgin Galactic venture.

The contest is meant to reward the customer who flies with Virgin the most, and is a bonus on top of the free trips and seat upgrades that miles are normally exchanged for. And if you fall a couple of flights short of the win, don't kick yourself too hard: The person with the second highest number of miles will get a zero-gravity flight — a brief taste of the high life.

Virgin Galactic is expected to start offering two-hour long space tourism flights as soon as 2013. A flight would normally set you back $200,000, but despite the high price tag, there's already a growing list of ticket holders. By winning, you could find yourself hobnobbing with the rich and famous — Stephen Hawking, Ashton Kutcher, and Richard Branson are all slated to blast off during the venture's inaugural year.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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