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Your iPhone (3GS and newer) has a built-in GPS chip that allows it to find your location practically anywhere and share it with the apps on your phone. For some, location-based services are great because they allow for mapping, photo tagging, and more. However, there are others who, concerned with privacy and security, wish to remain location-anonymous and turn this feature off. Here's how.

Stop location data storage
Turn on your iPhone and find the icon labeled Settings. It's included as a default, so it can't be erased. It looks like a section of three gears. Once you've entered the Settings area, locate the menu option marked Location Services. It should be the fourth item from the top, unless Apple changes it in a future iOS update.

Tap on the Location Services menu item and you'll be taken to a screen where you can modify the settings for this feature. The first way you can modify this feature is to turn it off completely, which is the first option at the top. Just swipe the little switch from right to left and the word "off" should appear.

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Pick and choose
Another option is to turn off location services individually, app by app, since not all applications use the location feature all the time. You can see which ones have accessed it during the last 24 hours by the arrow icon next to the app's name. You may want to leave some of them on for tagging purposes, such as the camera app.

Once you've finished making the changes you want, you can hit the Home button and close out the Settings app. You're all done! Your location will only be shared if you allow it, and only with the apps you've selected. Not only will you become more geographically anonymous, but you'll also benefit from extended battery life as well, since your GPS chip won't be getting as much use.

Post by Michael Arcand

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