Transforming dining room table doubles in size with the push of a button

Mike Wehner, Tecca
October 26, 2011

Have you ever invited a large number of guests over for dinner and wished that you had just a little more room on your kitchen table? In the end, you were probably reduced to setting up TV trays or card tables to accompany all your friends and family, but that wouldn't be the case if you owned the Capstan Table by DB Fletcher Designs. Using motorized sections, the luxurious eating surface can effectively double its usable space in a matter of seconds.

The tables come in a variety of finishes to fit the decor of your living or dinning room, and its makers promise that the wooden wonder's sturdy construction will keep it functional for many years. The Capstan comes in four different sizes ranging from 1.5 to 2.2 meters when minimized, and 2 to 3 meters when expanded.

As you might imagine with a custom-made piece of furniture like this, the price isn't likely to be easy on your wallet. In order to get a price quote you have to submit your specifications for material and design, but reports of past Capstan Table prices range from $25,000 to $95,000, depending on size and type of wood used.

[via Dornob]

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