Trailer for Netflix’s first original series hits the web


Despite a somewhat rough year, streaming media and DVD rental giant Netflix is updating its viewing options with new original content, including its first original series. Called Lilyhammer, it's the unlikely story of an American mobster who relocates to the small Norwegian town of Lilyhammer as part of the witness protection program.

The Sopranos actor Stephen Van Zandt plays the mobster, and the trailer offers some tantalizing glimpses of what should prove to be an interesting fish-out-of-water story as an East Coast gangster who may or may not be completely over his less-than-legal ways tries to adjust to life in a completely different environment.

Lilyhammer isn't the first original content purchased by Netflix. Back in March, the company announced that it had outbid giants including HBO and AMC for a series called House of Cards. According to Netflix's blog, that series will air in late 2012.

Interestingly, Netflix has decided to release the entire Lilyhammer series — eight episodes total — at the same time, so viewers will be able to watch it all at once if they'd like. It's an interesting and potentially risky move, but we assume that they're banking on fans helping spread the word virally, linking and sharing episodes to build buzz. Only time will tell if Netflix's gamble pays off!

Business Insider via Gizmodo

This article was written by Katherine Gray and originally appeared on Tecca

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