Thousands of LEDs + Water = Amazing, illuminated graffiti

Mike Wehner, Tecca
Technology News Blog

In most cities, graffiti is a dirty word. Sure, some street artists create amazingly intricate and gorgeous works, but in most cases a few dozen lines of spray paint on a brick wall just creates an eyesore. Artist Antonin Fourneau decided to take the concept of graffiti and apply it in a way we've never seen before: By combining thousands of tiny LEDs with a power source, and then letting water form connections between each light, he has created a wall that plays host to stunning, illuminated works of street art.

He calls the project simply "Water Light Graffiti," and although the name isn't flashy, the end result certainly is. The video above shows his stunning craftsmanship in action, as impromptu water graffiti artists create sparkling designs simply by spreading water over the massive display.

The project was on public display in France for just a few days, which is a real shame since we could see such a creation becoming a serious attraction if one were made in a more permanent space. Luckily, the organization that help create the piece — Digitalarti — has a rental program to get you set up with the gorgeous electronic canvas, as long as you reside within a reasonable distance.

This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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