New text message service educates you about the beer in your hand

August 1, 2012

Picture this: You're at a party and they're out of your favorite beer. The only choices left are ones you've never heard of, and asking your fellow partygoers about each one would look so uncool. Thanks to a new service called BeerText.Us, you can find out everything you need to know about the beer you're holding by sending a text message.

The service was created by students involved in the Syracuse Student Sandbox, an incubator for young entrepreneurs. It works by sending a text to (315) 679-4711 including the name of the beer as it appears on the label. If it's in the service's database, you'll get a text back in less than a minute that includes some background information on the brew, a description of its flavor, and its alcohol content.

We tried the service with a few different brands and found that, while there was a bit of a delay with a couple — perhaps due to lots of other people doing the same — it was able to find information on all but the smaller local beers we gave it. It's worth noting that the information it sends back can be fairly long, so it gets split into multiple text messages, something to be mindful of if you're on a limited texting plan.

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This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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