Survey: Yes, ladies, your friends are intentionally posting unflattering photos of you on Facebook

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When a friend shares an unflattering picture of you on Facebook, it's easy to feel slighted. After all, if you realize what a terrible a picture it is, why couldn't they? Well, a new survey suggests that your friend may not be innocent after all: 25% of female Facebook users admitted posting those bad pictures on purpose.

Of course, anyone can untag their name from a picture if they don't like the shot (and 75% of respondents do, says the survey), but only the original uploader can remove the photo entirely. But the survey does suggest you'll probably be successful if you ask a friend to remove the shot: Only about a fifth of women surveyed said they would refuse a request to remove a picture.

The survey of 1,500 females, conducted by website Mymemory, showed that posting photos — or, at least, posting the wrong photos — can be extremely damaging to a friendship. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they would be angry at a friend who uploaded a bad picture, and nearly a third of bad pictures that are uploaded are done so as revenge for the same slight.

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