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Concept laptop includes stove top and touch screen monitor
Concept laptop includes stove top and touch screen monitor

The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen can slice, dice, cook, and surf the web all at the same. And, miraculously, all on the same laptop. Unfortunately, it's just a concept design right now from designer Dragan Trenchevski, but a very cool one.

The idea is to have an induction heat stove top, a cutting board and touch screen LCD in one unit. You can use the monitor to browse through recipes or watch videos on how to cook. There would be a web cam embedded on top of it so you can talk with your friends who may be walking you through the cooking process.

While ideal for small spaces or travelers, we're not sure the designer is taking into consideration the implications of a heat generator so close to computer parts. Also, splatter from the cooking stove will make a mess of the monitor. And though the pull out cheese grater is a nice touch, flying bits of cheese are sure to make a mess.

The real life limitations of the system are probably what will keep it from becoming a reality, but still one can dream of being able to whip up a home cooked meal on the go with recipes and videos at your fingertips. Until then, we'll have to settle on using our iPads in the kitchen at a very safe distance.

[Image credit: Dragan Trenchevski]

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[Article by Dan O'Halloran]

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