Smart Gaming: Sifteo Cubes evolve, get cleverer and more mobile


Gaming isn't what it used to be... and that's a good thing. With motion-based systems like the Kinect leading the charge, play is no longer confined to traditional controllers — and in the case of Sifteo Cubes, you don't need a console either. The modular blocks, which are equipped with full-color LCD screens, motion sensors, and a knack for communicating with each other, are their very own platform, and that platform's about to get way cooler.

Sifteo just announced the second generation of its clever little puzzle-gaming building blocks, which are on pre-sale now for a November release. According to Sifteo co-founder Dave Merrill, "The next-generation Sifteo Cubes are the next step in Sifteo’s mission to make classic play interactive." Most notably, the new wave of Sifteo cubes doesn't require proximity to a computer, making it much more of a true portable gaming system. Instead, the cubes now play nice with a mobile wireless base station, which saves games in progress and plays back audio.

Sifteo also announced a partnership with kid-friendly network Nickelodeon and the nerd-friendly creator of perennial geek fave "Magic: The Gathering." But the real good news is that Sifteo will open up its developer kit on October 1st, meaning that anyone with the right know-how can craft a game employing the cubes' unique mechanics.

The new Sifteo Cube set and base station will retail at $129.95, and that nets you three cubes. You can now play with up to 12 cubes (adding more "unlocks new levels, puzzles, and special characters"), but extras will set you back $29.95 a piece. We hope to see the prices drop over time, but they're worthy of a look for puzzle-fiends and gamers hungry for innovation — especially if you've got a clever game idea up your sleeve.

This article was written by Taylor Hatmaker and originally appeared on Tecca

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