SETI launches website where you can help search for alien life

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Do you love space and believe there's life on other planets? If your answer is yes, then SETI Live may be the perfect online hangout for you during lazy Sunday mornings. All you have to do is register, log in when you have spare time, and you can help search for alien life.

But what do you have to do on the site exactly? The website shows you radio signals directly from SETI's Allen Telescope Array in California that shut down for a short while in April 2011 due to lack of funding. It's your job to sort through these signals, and detect unusual patterns that may or may not be created by intelligent life forms from another planet. SETI has computers that can analyze data, but they sometimes miss signals that humans can detect.

The SETI Live website is part of famous astronomer Jill Tarter's wish when she won the TED Prize in 2009. The currently ongoing TED conference is an annual event for innovative ideas and designs that grants a $100,000 prize to the winner to help their wish to change the world come true.

SETI Live via Space

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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