Search, Hammertime: M.C. Hammer announces new search engine Wiredoo


You might remember M.C. Hammer as an oddly-dressed, harem pants-clad rapper from back in the 80s and 90s. But more recently, Hammer (or Stanley Kirk Burrell in real life) has been making his living as an entrepreneur. Among his ventures are a Mixed Martial Arts management company as well as, believe it or not, a new search engine called Wiredoo.

Burrell is a prolific Twitter user, with 2.25 million followers, so his interest in social media and technology in general isn't exactly a secret. But that doesn't mean announcing a search engine during this year's Web 2.0 Summit didn't catch us by surprise. He explains that Wiredoo isn't just about finding results through keywords — results from what Burrell calls "relationship search" are more in-depth.

He used the zip code 90210 as a search term example during his presentation. He claims that upon searching 90210, Wiredoo will be able to show comprehensive results compartmentalized into sections such as schools, homes, and crime rates. From there, you can dig deeper — clicking on schools, for instance, shows your average SAT scores and truancy rate.

Wiredoo (a project that's been in the works for two years) isn't meant to take on search giant Google. He says that he and his team are just putting Wiredoo out there because they believe it can be useful. You're out of luck if you want to know right now just how useful it can be, though — Wiredoo's target launch is the end of this quarter, so nobody can touch it yet.


This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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