Rock out in a vintage 1969 yellow submarine with guitar signed by a Beatle

Taylor Hatmaker, Tecca

If you're envious of the Titanic director James Cameron's recent dive to the ocean's deepest depths, perhaps scooping up this vintage literal yellow submarine in auction could quell a bit of that appetite for marine adventure. The sub went up for auction in tandem with a guitar signed by none of than Sir Paul McCartney himself, though it appears that a collector has already snatched it up to the tune of $58,000.

The Beatles lover's submarine may look like its cartoony counterpart, but it's actually a formerly fully working submersible. The modified 1969 Kittredge K350 1ATM submarine, which seats two and can travel to a depth of 350 feet, was put up for bidding by classic auto auction house Barrett-Jackson.

Bummed that you won't be cruising the ocean's shallow depths strumming along to the 1966 Beatles hit? You do have a ridiculously high-quality remake of the classic psychedelic Beatles movie to look forward to, so all isn't quite lost.

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