Revitalizing Detroit could be as easy as flooding the city with zombies

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Without doubt, the city of Detroit is in trouble. An estimated one-third of all lots in the city are vacant. One in every 41 residents becomes the victim of a violent crime each and every year. And 17.7% of the city is unemployed, which is admittedly better than the 28% rate the city suffered three years ago. But while Michigan politicians struggle to turn the city around, one unique plan for revitalization proposes Detroit embrace its blight through the creation of Z World Detroit, a zombie-themed amusement park.

Inspired by The Heidelberg Project which turned an abandoned street into an art destination, Z World Detroit wouldn't feature fancy roller coasters and rides. Instead, it's being billed as an authentic zombie invasion experience. Not unlike a paintball game, visitors would form teams tasked with hunting down safehouses and supplies. After a brief period of time, a small group of zombies would be unleashed on the 200 acre park, all with the intention of turning other visitors into zombies. There are no zombie-proof condos here — surviving the night will require fast thinking, fast legs, and one hell of a good hiding spot. A zombie survival map wouldn't hurt, either.

So, what are the odds your next vacation could put you front and center into a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland? Admittedly, not great — Z World Detroit is a pretty radical idea, even for a city as desperate as Detroit, and the fundraiser for the project is barely past 4% of its $145,000 goal. Still, we think the idea is super cool, and we hope that somehow this idea gets off the ground.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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