Printable lasers made possible with basic inkjet technology

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University of Cambridge scientists have quite literally reinvented the term "laser printer" with a new technology that allows liquid crystal lasers to be printed through the same process as you may use in your printer at home. Ironically enough, this laser printing method is done through an inkjet printer that distributes the liquid crystals just as it would regular ink. When the crystals are aligned just right and provided with an adequate power source, they create tiny, individual lasers.

Aside from the possibility of accurately recreating a true-to-life "Star Wars" or "G.I. Joe" scene on a piece of paper, these printable lasers can be used for anything from lighted displays to smart thin surfaces on a much smaller budget. Can we just go ahead and coin the term "smart art" right now?

[Image credit: Laser light show via Shutterstock]
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This article was written by Shawn Schuster and originally appeared on Tecca

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