You can have the perfect cup of coffee for only $11,000

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Coffee drinkers sure are passionate about their coffee, as three engineering masterminds have proven with their newest $11,000 coffee maker, the Blossom One Limited. MIT graduate Jeremy Kuempel, former NASA intern Matt Walliser, and all-around industrial design expert Joey Roth have combined their collective resumes to create what they call the greatest coffee machine in the world.

After running into some frustratingly inconsistent cups of coffee during a college all-nighter, Kuempel turned to his thermodynamic studies to discover what was causing the variation in coffee made from the same beans. He discovered that there were no coffee appliances out there that could brew a cup perfectly each time. The Blossom One aims to solve this problem with certain programmable factors that will determine the perfect cup of coffee for each coffee drinker: water temperature, amount of stirring over the course of the preparation, ratio of coffee to water, pressure, and amount of time the coffee is in contact with the water. It also features Wifi capability to download and share recipes, a 1.3 megapixel camera for QR code scanning, and the ability to monitor the machine's performance remotely.

The Blossom One may make the most advanced cup of coffee, but we question the stainless steel and faux woodgrain exterior. It's almost like 2007 and 1977 got together to create an idea out of 2017. Luckily, according to the website, custom materials are available upon request.

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This article was written by Shawn Schuster and originally appeared on Tecca

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