Pebble smartwatch passes $5 million in funding, becomes Kickstarter’s most funded project to date


It seems like just yesterday that we stood in awe of game developer Double Fine's meteoric rise to the top of the crowd funding ranks, but now Kickstarter has crowned a new king: the Pebble smartwatch. After scoring $1.3 million in just the first 28 hours of fundraising, the project has now surpassed the $5 million mark, easily making it the most funded Kickstarter ever... and there's still 29 days of funding left to go.

The Pebble team's original goal — a rather modest $100,000 — is now a distant memory, with over 35,000 individuals plopping down anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for their own slice of smartwatch heaven. The project still states an estimated delivery date of September 2012 for those who pledge their funds, but we'll see if that changes as thousands more pile on in the coming days.

Since the project began, Pebble's creators have added a couple of extras due to feedback from the community. These include a software development kit that will be made available to help populate the phone's dedicated app store with new features, and a promise that all Pebble watches will feature waterproofing. If you haven't placed your order for the watch you never knew you needed, do it quick, or you may find yourself hanging by the bottom of the wait list.


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