Over 40% of computer users are still using decade-old Windows XP

Mike Wehner, Tecca

While many computer lovers eagerly await the arrival of Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion, a massive segment of users takes a decidedly slower approach when it comes to embracing new operating systems. According to an uber-detailed infographic by blog Manolution, 40.7% of users still run Windows XP on their computers.

XP, which was released way back in October 2001, has since been succeeded by both the not-so-well-received Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7. In that same time frame, a half-dozen new versions of Apple's Mac OS X have seen the light of day. And yet, Windows XP is holding on strong. By comparison, 36.5% of users are up-to-date with Windows 7, while a measly 7.1% have stuck with Windows Vista.

There is likely a multitude of reasons why so many have stood by XP all these years. Many who adopted Vista early on actually went back to XP after the new operating system's many flaws began coming to light, and it's likely that some have seen fit to skip upgrading to Windows 7 for fear of a similar ordeal. Not to mention that after a decade of familiarity, it can be mighty hard to let go, even when the future is so bright.


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