New online service promises to match up women with the perfect bra

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Shopping for bras online is tough, especially when you don't wear the proper bra size, and you're not sure what types work best for you. Today a new website called True & Co launched a service that promises to make buying underwear on the web a lot easier. It even had us wondering: "Is this the future of online (bra) shopping?"

True & Co aims to help you get brassieres that fit perfectly by first asking you a set of questions about your body type and the kinds of bras your wear. The service will then match you up with three products according to your specifications, including brand and bra type, and another two of its own choosing.

Make a deposit of $45 and all five items will be sent to you — you only pay for the ones you keep in the end. The products you don't want to pay for should be packed in the same shopping box and sent back within seven days. It's pretty much like trying out clothes in a mall or a boutique, except the items get sent straight to your home and you can try them on as many times as you want.

Of course, there's nothing that keeps you from wearing all five bras within the return period, but anything the service deems you should pay for will probably be charged on your credit card.

[via VentureBeat]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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