Nonsensical Twitter printer attacks the environment one tweet at a time

Mike Wehner, Tecca

What's amazing about the Adafruit Internet of Things printer isn't the fact that it converts your entire digital Twitter feed into a long, printed strip of paper. The truly amazing part is that there are other machines out there that already do the same exact thing. This is a product category now.

We're having trouble figuring out exactly what you'd do with a tweet printer, aside from gift it to a hipster. Perhaps you can print out your favorite Twitter feed and catch up this summer at the beach? Live out stock broker fantasies by covering your floors with out-of-date information? Or make long plane rides feel that much shorter by stuffing your carry-on full of rolls and rolls of nonsense?

Adafruit has their own suggestions, that include printing lottery numbers and coupon codes — the kind of printouts that our smartphones were supposed to make obsolete. The included software is open source, letting you choose exactly what you want your Internet of Things printer to be. You don't even need to hook it up to a computer.

While it doesn't appear to be that useful (or useful at all), we will grudgingly admit that it is kind of neat. In fact, it's probably the most fun way to say "screw you" to the environment we've seen all week. You can buy yours at Adafruit for $89.95, though some do-it-yourself work is required to complete the machine.

[via Engadget]

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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