Noisy Typer app turns your keyboard into a typewriter, provides endless nostalgia

Mike Wehner, Tecca
July 17, 2012

As someone who writes on a daily basis, I've grown a bit of a soft spot for vintage typewriters over the years. I've even begun collecting some particularly rare ones in a somewhat feeble effort to preserve their history. Of course, I also enjoy typing on them as often as I can, though this is often a chore than involves dusting, oiling, checking ribbons, and many other bothersome tasks. But now, thanks to the Noisy Typer app by Free Art & Technology, I can enjoy the sounds of yesteryear while using my Mac — and so can you.

Noisy Typer is a free program which emulates the sounds of a vintage typewriter every time you strike a key on your keyboard. It even produces the classic ding and carriage return noises when you start a new paragraph. The app runs in the background and is compatible with practically every text entry field on your computer screen. This includes web browsers, word processors, and chat programs. In fact, I'm enjoying the nostalgic clicks and dings as I type this article.

Currently, the program is only compatible with Mac OS X, and there's no official word on the app coming to Windows PCs. However, the program itself is open source, and you can download the entire project right from the FAT Lab website. If you have a Mac and you'd like to try it out yourself, simply download the Noisy Typer app from the project page, unzip the file, and run it. It's as simple as that. Long live the typewriter!

[via Geekosystem]

This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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