Neo Geo’s New Game: 1990s arcade machine makes a comeback as a handheld


In 1990, Japanese arcade game maker SNK released a new system called the Neo Geo. What made it unique was its ability to play the exact same games as its coin-operated counterpart. The other aspect that set the Neo Geo apart from other consoles of the day — the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo — was its astronomical price tag of $650, with games tipping the scale at more than $200 apiece. Now the console is set to return as a portable device with a more reasonable asking price.

Due to arrive in December, the Neo Geo X Gold will be a handheld game system with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen and 20 pre-installed games for $200. What's more, it will include a dock designed to look like the original Neo Geo console that you'll be able to plug the handheld into in order to play games on your TV via an HDMI connection. A full arcade-style joystick will also come with the device to complete the authentic Neo Geo experience.

The system is going to be sold through major retailers and will likely be available through online sellers such as Amazon. Tommo, the company producing it, hasn't said what plans it has for the handheld beyond the included games, but the device does have the ability to use memory cards containing additional software so there's a good chance retro gaming fans will be able to expand their collection for on-the-go play.

This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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