How much would the New York City disaster in The Avengers cost in real life?

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Were you among the millions of people who watched The Avengers this week? If so, you know that in the movie's climax, Earth's beloved (fictional) superheroes battled a force of alien invaders that emerged from a portal in the heart of New York City. The chaos resulted in more than a few smashed buildings, totaled vehicles, and civilian casualties that would've cost New York City a pretty penny if it happened in real life — $160 billion, to be exact.

The Hollywood Reporter consulted disaster-cost assessment firm Kinetic Analysis Corp. (KAC) about the extent of the damage seen in the movie. According to KAC, the physical damage caused by the invasion would cost between $60 and $70 billion, while cleanup would cost even more at around $90 billion.

The $160 billion total eclipses the cost of the September 11 terrorist attacks ($83 billion) and the overall cost of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina ($90 billion). It's even more expensive than the cost of the 2011 Japanese tsunami ($122 billion), a disaster so severe that a Harley-Davidson lost during the storm washed up on Canadian shores a year later. But in the movie realm where end-of-the-world stories are common, $160 billion is apparently unimpressive: "Compared to the aliens in Independence Day, for example, these guys were amateurs," said KAC's Chuck Watson.

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