Miss your prom? Travel back in time to it in style with a DeLorean Limo

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Ah, prom night. That magical mix of innocence, high hopes, and hormones that led some of us down the wrong path in life. But what if you could grab your hoverboard, go back in time, and change what happened at your prom? What if, in 1955, some weird scientist dude bumped his head while on the toilet and invented the world's first time traveling limo?!

Well, that may exactly be what happened. How else would you explain the picture above of a six-door, stretch DeLorean Limo, uploaded to reddit by (appropriately) user Dr_Emmet_Brown, Christopher Lloyd's character from the Back to the Future series?

We don't know much about the DeLorean limo, except for the fact that it has six stainless-steel gullwing doors — that's a whopping six more than the new bicycle being manufactured by DeLorean — and a lot of style. But we feel pretty confident in putting our journalistic integrity on the line by saying this limo can most definitely travel through time.

[Image credit: Dr_Emmet_Brown]

Reddit via Jalopnik

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