Microsoft launches, a new social network for people who don’t know any better


Between FacebookGoogle+MyspaceLinkedInPinterestTwitter, and even Lady Gaga's new social network, there are more social networks than you likely know what do to with. But if you really insist on having yet another in the mix, then Microsoft's got just the thing:, a new "experiment in social search."

The site will let the things you search for be "viewable by other users," and, just as exciting, "also be available to third parties."  If you do decide to make a jump to, just make sure you remember you joined so you don't go around sharing your embarrassing searches for "weird rash on my foot" and "Spice Girl pics" with the world at large. The new social network also allows you to "discover new interests" and "start a video party," so you can talk with other folks with weird rashes on their feet, and discover new places rashes might appear.

It appears that isn't available to the general public yet — we got a message thanking us for "joining the waiting list" when we tried to join. But don't worry, if you want complete strangers knowing about all your searches, you just can keep using Google.


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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