Mac OS X Lion now available from Mac App Store

Mike Wehner, Tecca

After a long wait, plenty of teasing, and a number of rumored release dates, Mac OS X Lion is finally here. The new operating system is version 10.7 of Apple's OS X line, and it brings with it a plethora of changes and additions. Lion is being distributed exclusively through the Mac App Store, meaning that you'll need to have the previous version of OS X (Snow Leopard) installed, as it provides access to the app marketplace.

Lion will set you back a cool $29.99, which is the same price that its predecessor launched at. This also makes it an order of magnitude cheaper than PC-based operating systems which can run into the hundreds of dollars. The download clocks in at a sizable 3.5 GB, so it will take a while to fully download, especially if your connection isn't super speedy.

Lion brings with it features like the Launchpad, which organizes all your installed applications in a veryiOS-like manner, as well as Mission Control, which can show you everything your computer is running at once. There is also expanded support for multi-touch gestures — assuming you're using a trackpad or Magic Mouse — and tweaks to the oft-maligned Mail app.

There is a lot to explore in the new OS and we're just scratching the surface of the final retail build, but if you're hungering for more of what Lion has in store, you can check out our full rundown.


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