This little black dress will light up your night and steal the show


What's the best way to dazzle your date or everyone you know at a party? Wear a black dress. Or better yet, wear a black dress that can light up your night... literally. Emily Steel, a student from Victoria University of Wellington's School in New Zealand outfitted a black dress with film slides and LED backlight to create what she calls the Little Slide Dress.

An Arduino microcontroller determines ambient lighting conditions in an area. Bright lighting means the LED backlight remains off, but in the dark the backlight automatically activates. According to Steel, the dress "draws inspiration from classic movies and the 'magic of film' to create a wearable piece of technology and art." In case you want to follow her example and create a Little Slide Dress of your own, don't forget to match it up with LED shoes for the complete, glow-in-the-dark look.

Behance via DVICE

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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