Life-size bigfoot replica up for auction on eBay

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Conclusive evidence that bigfoot exists has eluded cryptozoologists for decades. But if you're willing to fork over a colossal wad of cash, you could have your own close encounter with sasquatch — or at least a suitable facsimile — in your own home.

Created by bigfoot afficianado Clifford LaBrecque, who says he had an encounter with the real deal in 1977, the 36-year-old "museum quality" replica of the beast stands more than eight feet tall. In its item description on eBay — where it currently sits awaiting an opening $80,000 bid — the statue is said to be based on LaBrecque's "years of study and research" into the purported man-ape.

If you're looking to bid on the over-sized item, be warned that the winning bidder will have to travel to Arkansas in order to pick it up. You'll also need an appropriately large vehicle to transport your piece of American folklore home. Might we suggest … Bigfoot?

[Image credit: Clifford LaBrecque]
[via Nerd Approved]

This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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