Kids TV networks take a hit as youngsters fall in love with Netflix

Mike Wehner, Tecca

Do you have a Netflix account? It seems like answering "no" to that question puts you in a smaller and smaller group by the day, and according to some new statistics, kids are quickly jumping on the bandwagon, too. Analytics firm Bernstein Research used TiVo viewing data to compare the TV habits of families with Netflix to those without, and found that in homes with Netflix programming available, childrens' TV networks took a major hit.

All the Nickelodeon networks — including the original channel, Nick Toons, and Teen Nick — saw viewership in Netflix-enabled homes decline as much as 11% compared to the prior year. In residences without the streaming options available, viewership climbed anywhere from 2% to 26%. That's a pretty remarkable shift, and one that shows just how quickly young people are falling in love with on-demand programming.

It's hard to say whether this is good or bad for the channels themselves, given that providing content to Netflix obviously means some type of compensation. However, if the revenue gained from streaming agreements doesn't offset the cash lost due to less people viewing cable TV advertisements, Nickelodeon and other kids stations may abruptly abandon the Netflix ship. Time will tell.


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