Jedi kittens strike straight to your heart


Star Wars has always been a fan favorite for homage and parody, whether you're creating a fan replica or just purchasing your very own R2-D2 Xbox. It seems inevitable that someone would link up lightsaber hijinks with kittens in video format. For those of us who have spent time wondering what a feline Force fight would look like, we can now enjoy Jedi Kittens Strike Back.

The video is pretty straightforward. A pair of kittens dogfight one another in Rebel and Empire star fighters. A piloting mishap forces them to resort to elegant weapons from a more civilized ages. After a few glancing blows, the kittens' duel is put to an end by a meddling kid. Jedi Kittens Strike Back isn't as deep as some of our other Don't Miss Videos of the Day, but it makes up for that with amazing cuteness. Who doesn't love a pair of kittens whacking at each other with lightsabers, after all?

Article by Michael Gray

This article originally appeared on Tecca

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