iOS 6 will do away with standard YouTube app

Mike Wehner, Tecca

With every version of Apple's mobile operation system, iOS, a slew of new features are added to the user experience, but with the upcoming release of iOS 6, one longtime standard feature will be disappearing: the included YouTube app. After Apple sleuths 9to5Mac discovered that the most recent beta release of iOS 6 did away with default YouTube feature, the company revealed that its license with Google to include the program had expired.

For those of you who fancy the easy-to-use app, you'll have a couple of choices once iOS 6 rolls around this Fall. You can either use the Safari web browser to do your YouTube browsing, as it will now support in-browser playback. Or, you can download the separate YouTube app that is currently being built by Google and will be available in the App Store — though its release date has not yet been revealed.

The removal of the standard YouTube player is but a minor inconvenience for most iPhone and iPad users, and it makes a lot of sense given that Apple and Google are fierce competitors in the mobile device arena. With its new offline map system — and now the decision to do away with YouTube — iOS 6 will further distance itself from its Android counterparts. Whether that is a wise move will, as always, be decided by consumers.

This article was written by Mike Wehner and originally appeared on Tecca

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