Google adds a new way to creep on yourself with Account Activity

Taylor Hatmaker, Tecca

Google has a stash of data on you a mile high, but that doesn't mean that you can't pry into it too. Now that the search giant has rolled user data across its myriad products into one big pile, it's willing to let you go ahead and sift through the contents too, thanks to a new tool called Account Activity.

Opt into a personal report with the tool and you'll be notified when your personal Googling report is ready. It's intended to function as a monthly summary of what you do across Google's products, which includes not only what you search for but also some interesting stats on your email activity. That includes your most contacted inbox bedfellows and how many Gmail missives you sent and received in a given month.

If you're a productivity fiend or a stats junkie, Account Activity is a fun way to get an at-a-glance look at your web habits. Our initial report wasn't all that compelling, but if you're comfortable opting in (Google has this info anyway and the reports are password-protected), comparing your activity month-to-month should be where things start to get interesting.

If you've got location services enabled on Google Latitude, the company's geosocial checkin service, then you can even track how much time you spend at home, at work, and out on the town. While the geo-tracking might not be for the faint of heart, you can go ahead and start generating a report of your web and Gmail habits on Google's site for the stat-rich tool.

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