Say goodbye to Bejeweled and other social games on Google+


For quite some time after Google+ launched last year, it seemed everything was going well. Millions of people joined the social network, and games were introduced to help keep its members active. But Google+ never really caught fire, and it was Pinterest that wound up being the next big social network.

Now, a handful of game titles will be pulled out of the Google+ platform because they don't have enough active users. Hit game Bejeweled Blitz by EA's PopCap division was removed from the social network today. And aside from Bejeweled, social game developer Wooga is also pulling out Diamond Dash and Bubble Island from Google+ on July 1, after removing Monster World in May.

According to Wooga, the company decided to remove the aforementioned titles from the social network because they "have a much larger following on Facebook and they are active users." People already playing the games on Facebook aren't very likely to start over on another platform, after all.

Right now, the social network still has more than 40 games in its roster. But if more developers remove their games from the platform, Google has to think of something more than a redesign to entice its existing users to be more active.

[Popcap via Joystiq]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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