What the Friday: Watch this man open a bottle of beer… with a chainsaw


It's Friday again — hooray! Time to make plans for  the weekend over a few bottles of beer like the man in the video above. But while you probably use a bottle opener to get to your fizzy liquor, this man uses something far more dangerous: a chainsaw.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by a user named Reborious with a sarcastic caption that reads: "You can open a beer with a fork? That's nice..." Let's face it — this man is right up there with people who open bottles with their teeth. But while his mad beer opening skills can make anyone feel inadequate, we'd like to warn you against trying this at home. Opening a bottle with a fork should be cool enough for most people; there's no need to risk the safety of your limbs.


This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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