Facebook gets generous with new Facebook Gifts feature

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Most of us who have Facebook accounts are no strangers to wishing our friends a "happy birthday" on the site — after all, since the creepily omniscient site tells you who's celebrating what, it really is the least we can do. But if a simple birthday or congratulations message is no longer enough, Facebook is launching Facebook Gifts, a new service where you can send a friend a present almost as easily as clicking Like.

When a friend of yours is celebrating a birthday, marriage, engagement, or any other celebratory life event, a new gift icon will appear next to their name in the right-hand notification corner of your screen. Clicking that icon will bring up a menu of fun gift items, ranging from delicious edibles to fun toys — you can even buy a Starbucks gift card. It may be the perfect way to reward the two or three Facebook friends you have left who don't drive you crazy with their updates.

If you haven't seen the new icon show up yet, it's on its way — Facebook has begun (slowly) rolling out the new feature to users in the United States with other countries to follow.

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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