Facebook expands into the womb: New ‘expecting’ status lets you broadcast pregnancy


Facebook has quietly launched a new feature allowing users to indicate on their profiles when they are expecting a child. Though a new profile for the unborn child isn't created, this status will appear on the expectant parent's profile page on the left side under Family. It will include the default Facebook person image and can be customized with a name, if the parents have chosen one already, and the due date as well.

To set up an expectant child on your Facebook profile, first click the Profile button in the top right of the screen while on your Facebook page. Then click on the Edit Profile button that appears below that. On the left sidebar you will see a Friends and Family option. Click on that and you will get a page that allows you type in the name of people and set your relationship with them. If you choose the Expectant Child option, your news feed will be updated with that information when you hit Save.

There is a small glitch in the system which could lead to some mischievous fun. Currently, you can set another Facebook user as your expectant child. To do so, go into the Friends and Family tab, set another user as a Friend, save it, then go back and change their relationship to you as Expectant Child. They have to confirm this, but if they do, it will appear in your news feed to the shock and amusement of your Facebook friends.

[Image credit: travelling.luna]


Post by Dan O'Halloran

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