Etsy business will turn you into Nicolas Cage for $12

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You don't need to get a face transplant à la Face/Off or even have access to fancy augmented reality technology to look like Nicolas Cage. For only $12 and two hours of waiting time, you can look like Cage's identical twin, thanks to an Etsy business called Cagification.

All you'll need to do is send Etsy artist, JazzberryBlue, your picture and like magic, you'll get a Cagified picture back. You can even get a few interesting extra elements in your photo for 99 cents each, including devilish eyes, battle wound, flying squirrel, ominous black cat, and Christian Slater.

The artist believes a Cagified version of you will make a "great pic for your Facebook profile," and says you will "gain the respect you deserve." Plus, they promise to not to judge you for wanting to look like the actor. But what if you already look too much like Nic Cage and want to look less like him? No problemo — JazzberryBlue can make it happen for $6.

[via Uproxx]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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