Entrepreneur legally changes his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mike Wehner, Tecca
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Name recognition is a big deal in the world of small business, but going so far as to legally change your name to one of the most iconic creatures ever to walk the planet might be a bit of overkill.  A 23-year-old Nebraska native who was born Tyler Gold has left that moniker behind in favor of Tyrannosaurus Rex. His name change was even approved by a judge, though we have a hard to understanding how the court kept from busting out in laughter.

Gold had to field a series of questions regarding his request, including whether he was choosing to change his name to avoid creditors or law enforcement. He noted that he had no troubles in either the legal scene or with bad debt, and he merely wanted a recognizable name to help promote himself as an entrepreneur.

Whether prospective clients will see him as a valuable business partner — rather than a complete fool — remains to be seen. Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold (his full name) will certainly have a fun time proving his identity when purchasing alcohol or after getting pulled over for speeding. Perhaps he'll just bite them in half instead.

[NPR via Geekosystem]

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